Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How will I be notified if I have successfully entered the tournament? Individuals and/or teams will be notified they have successfully entered the tournament via email and confirmed by their name or team being posted on the website. All checks must clear before entries are deemed accepted.

What are the Conditions of Play? By submitting your entry, you agree to the Conditions of Play.

Will I required to send anything else? Yes, Although not a requirement of play we would like you to forward us recent picture of you as a individual so that you can be included in the program book. A email will be sent to you once your application is complete and accepted.


Is the $35 entry required prior to acceptance as a entry? Yes, the entry fee allows you entry into the social events and considered a condition of Registration

May I pay by check? Yes, All checks must be paid in US Dollars and must be drawn from a US Bank otherwise additional bank charges may be incurred. All checks should be made: 

Payable to:  Bowls USAUS Open
Mail to: Bowls USAUS Open, PO Box 1348 Sarasota, FL 34230-1348

Can I pay by credit card? This service will be made available via the shopping cart at a later time. A notice will be sent out when it is available.


What is the name of host hotel? Because many players will be bringing families or teams with divergent needs the US Open Committee is offering 21 different hotel solutions at various price points and locations. Every hotel has been vetted by HBC Event Travel Services and guarantees all players and their guests the best available rates during your stay. Please find the hotel that meets your needs.

What is the closest airport? 

What kind of activities are available in Sarasota (SRQ) for families, couples and seniors?  Sarasota has been voted having one of the top beaches in the United States and boasting one of the best cultural cities in the USA. 


How shall I prepare for the US Open? November is considered one of the driest months of the year. Perfect for lawn bowling. 

If you have any other questions, please forward your information request to: 
Daniel Jittu, President

Accounting Questions may be directed to:

Donnette Gordon